Row-by-Row Accuracy
If one row of your planter is in a wheel track from the tractor or from the combine last fall and needs more downforce in order to maintain depth, the cylinder on that row applies more force. If at the same time, another row is on very mellow ground and the weight of the row unit is all that is needed, the cylinder on that row applies no force. And if a third row on the planter is carrying too much gauge wheel weight in mellow ground because the weight of the cast iron row unit is more than enough, the cylinder on that row will lighten that row unit, so that it is not creating compaction.

Every second, these reactions are happening multiple times, making sure that every seed on every row is at the depth that has been chosen, and in an environment to thrive. Stop being blindsided by compaction and get the control that only DeltaForce provides.

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Vantage Midsouth is the Delta region’s first Trimble certified GPS and laser in-house service and repair center. We offer products and services for GPS guidance, leveling, surveying, and exclusive precision seed placement systems, as well as laser transmitters and receiving equipment. Call us or drop by one of our locations to find out what we can do for you.

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