Category: Trimble VerticalPoint RTK

Trimble VerticalPoint RTK


  • Increase productivity of leveling projects
  • Continuous in-field operations
  • Product reacts to data in real-time environment
  • Peace of mind with higher degree of accuracy over prior solutions and competitors
  • Can be upgraded easily with unlocks

Topographic Survey

High quality topographic data is key when it comes to achieving higher levels of accuracy in leveling and land forming operations. With VerticalPoint RTK, leveling projects are designed based on surface elevation to ensure you have the most accurate picture of the field you are working.


Utilize topographical data to create an accurate, well-balanced design to ensure your desired level of precision is achieved.


During the bulking process, enhanced vertical GPS accuracy is required in order to make sure the job is completed correctly. If vertical inaccuracies are present while bulk hauling, additional work will be appointed to the finishing step. VerticalPoint RTK significantly reduces these vertical design errors and allows the whole project—from bulk hauling to finish passes—to be executed more efficiently.


Inconsistent vertical GPS signals resulting from atmospheric interference can lead to lost productivity and costly downtime, especially during the final leveling pass. In order to complete finish passes to millimeter accuracy, maximum vertical accuracy must be obtained. With the vertical accuracy capabilities of VerticalPoint RTK, operators can achieve their desired finish grade with fewer passes.


Field verification is a mandatory step in the land-leveling process, and is performed to ensure that the desired level of precision has been attained. From start to finish, VerticalPoint RTK will help you achieve excellent vertical accuracy each step of the way and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your land-leveling operations.