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With today’s economical challenges, burn down and foliar feed is unavailable, or your stock is limited. But with a MagrowTec spraying attachment, you can extend your stock!

A MagrowTec spraying attachment allows more coverage at one time with less drift along with little to no repetitive spray.

With prices of burn down being 500% higher and Foliar feed 2-3 times as much this previous year, this is the time to be proactive! Let us, Vantage Midsouth, help you save on your chemical starting this year and save money for years to come!

Call today for a quote on your new MaggrowTec system. Together, we can make it happen.

Based on our 2021 trial studies:

** MagrowTec eliminates drift up to 70%

** Reduces your water usage 25-50%

** Cuts cost on insecticide up to 25%

** Increases your yield