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With today’s economical challenges, burn down and foliar feed is unavailable, or your stock is limited. But with a MagrowTec spraying attachment, you can extend your stock!

A MagrowTec spraying attachment allows more coverage at one time with less drift along with little to no repetitive spray.

With prices of burn down being 500% higher and Foliar feed 2-3 times as much this previous year, this is the time to be proactive! Let us, Vantage Midsouth, help you save on your chemical starting this year and save money for years to come!

Call today for a quote on your new MaggrowTec system. Together, we can make it happen.

Based on our 2021 trial studies:

** MagrowTec eliminates drift up to 70%

** Reduces your water usage 25-50%

** Cuts cost on insecticide up to 25%

** Increases your yield

Trimble GFX-350 Display

The GFX-350 is the latest Android-based, easy-to-use display from Trimble Agriculture. This cost-effective solution offers great functionality and a simplified installation process, providing access to autosteering and application control for every farm.

Add in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with ISOBUS compatibility and any grower can tackle farming applications from every season across all equipment brands

Trimble GFX-750 Display

The Trimble® GFX-750™ display system continues a strong tradition of sleek, easy-to-use displays from Trimble Agriculture. With a simplified installation process, your cab will be less cluttered with this automated guidance system. Add in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with ISOBUS compatibility and you can tackle farming applications from every season across all of
your equipment brands.

NAV-900 Guidance Controller

The NAV-900 guidance controller is Trimble’s most advanced GNSS receiver to date, built for maximum uptime and a wide range of accuracy options from basic to high precision. It is designed to mount on the roof of most agricultural vehicles to provide positioning and guidance, including autosteer.

Easy Installation

Designed from the ground up to save valuable cab space and install quickly, the GFX-750 display and NAV-900 guidance controller can be installed with an autoguidance system in just half a day in most vehicles, or in under two hours if using manual guidance, eliminating costly down time in the field.

ISOBUS Compatibility

The GFX-750 display works on most tractor brands or with most implement manufacturers on your farm with ISOBUS control. The Task Controller function with automatic section control, as well as documentation, is fully integrated and easy to use in the working screen.

Enhanced Connectivity

Trimble’s most connected display ever comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CAN, and for the first time, BroadR-Reach® high-speed communications to allow fast and easy transfer of data between vehicles and the office. The display is environmentally hardened for the ag vehicle environment and runs Precision-IQ™ software which connects directly to the Trimble Ag Software suite.

Expanded GNSS

This new guidance controller features Trimble’s most powerful GNSS engine. It tracks more satellites from more constellations, leading to more robust performance in harsh environments and also faster RTX convergence time.

Android Operating System

Running a modern Android™ operating system, the GFX-750 display performs at high levels for an intermediate price. The system allows you to customize the display for the way you work, and is highly upgradable to meet your farm’s growing needs.

Trimble CFX-750

This intuitive display allows you to easily perform day-to-day farming tasks, extend your operating hours, and enhance productivity on your farm. The Trimble® CFX-750™ display provides key precision agriculture functionalities, including:

Guidance and Mapping

  • Coverage, point, line, and area mapping
  • Manual guidance for a number of field patterns, or add hands-free guidance with the EZ-Steer, EZ-Pilot™, or Autopilot™ steering systems

Planting and Nutrient/Pest Management

  • Field-IQ™ crop input control capabilities, including seed monitoring, 2-product variable rate application control, boom height control, and automatic section control


  • Yield Monitoring capabilities for grain crops, including load tracking and auto-cut width

Connected Farm™

  • Wireless data transfer between the field and farm office using Office Sync
  • Data analysis and reporting with Farm Works Software®

Trimble TMX-2050

In the middle of a busy season, the last thing you need is a complicated interface. The easy-to-use TMX-2050™ display features a large high-definition touch screen with sharp visuals and a choice of FmX® or Precision-IQ™ display applications to suit your specific farm practices.