X10 Corn Header

X10 Corn Header

By vantage_admin February 14, 2020

X10 Corn Headers are built on a lightweight aluminum alloy chassis and are versatile, simple to install, and compatible with most North American combines. With more than fifteen years of production behind them, GTS do Brasil guarantees their headers are the toughest and lightest frames on the market.

Using the optional Truesight line sensor technology, X10 Corn Headers are integrated with the combine’s automatic steering system and GPS corrections, ensuring the harvester stays in the rows. Truesight sensors are able to detect corn stalks and identify planted rows.

Uniform and Efficient Feeding 

Augur with central bearing guarantees greater stability, lightness and durability to the unit. The double flighted auger is designed to provide uniform distribution, with discharge at four points along the feed channel.

Harvest Near the Ground

With variable angles of attack, GTS headers can work close to the ground, effectively harvesting fallen corn and ensuring the best gathering of ears.

Unique Scraper System

Keeps the scraper rollers clean and prevents straw accumulation.


With a near-universal coupler design, switching between a variety of combine brands and models is fast, simple, and inexpensive.  ​

Variable Spacing

By exchanging a few components, the GTS corn heads can be adapted to the most diverse types of spacing.

More Rows With Less Weight

With a decade and a half of production behind them, GTS headers are guaranteed to be the toughest and lightest frames on the market.


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