LaserPro 1 Row Unit

LaserPro 1 Row Unit

By vantage_admin January 30, 2020

The LaserPro1 row unit was developed from the ground up with a goal to answer many of the challenges voiced by progressive growers in a market where precision planting technology outpaced the equipment that moved it through the field. Now the LaserPro1 is ready to outlast & outperform.


  • Laser-cut, high tensile steel construction
  • Quickrelease™ closing wheel mount
  • Hydraulic down force-ready x-plate
  • Parallel link arms w/ tapered, high-strength polymer bushings
  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment
  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily adjust gauge wheel angle to stay true against disc openers
  • Greaseless lateral adjust on gauge wheel arm
  • Keeton seed firmer™ bracket factory installed (as of may 2018)


  • Harvest international furrow spike closing wheels
  • Mini hopper support, seed box & seed box support options (1.6bu, 1.9bu, 3bu)
  • Ag leader sureforce™ support kits
  • Row lockups for interplant
  • Vapplyhd mount brackets
  • Precision push button brackets
  • Insecticide t-bander
  • Vdrive™ insecticide kit


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