Our Team

Our Team

The Vantage MidSouth team is always available to hear from you. If you would like learn more about Your Partner in Precision Agriculture, click on the appropriate link below. Or feel free to contact our office.


Ronnie Andrews

Owner/Operations Manager
Cell: (501) 920-6254
Email: r.andrews@vantage-midsouth.com

Chris East

Owner/Product Specialist
Cell: (870) 552-5458
Email: c.east@vantage-midsouth.com

Steve Nelson

Owner/General Manager
Cell: (501) 920-5272
Email: s.nelson@vantage-midsouth.com

Sales Team

Anthony Bailey

Product Specialist – Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee and Missouri Bootheel
Cell: (270) 254-0043
Email: a.bailey@vantage-midsouth.com

Jared Chapman

Product Specialist – Louisiana
Cell: (318) 235-2904
Email: j.chapman@vantage-midsouth.com

Randy George

Product Specialist – Northern Louisiana
Phone: (318) 417-1358
Email: r.george@vantage-midsouth.com

Scott Laine

Sales – South Arkansas
Cell: 501-516-5559
Email: s.laine@vantage-midsouth.com

Jaryd Lane

Product Specialist – South Louisiana
Phone: (337) 230-1053
Email: j.lane@vantage-midsouth.com

Mike McCormick

Product Specialist – Northeast Arkansas and Bootheel Missouri
Phone: (870) 630-7298
Email: m.mccormick@vantage-midsouth.com

Eddy Simmons

Sales Manager
Cell: (870) 552-5665
Email: e.simmons@vantage-midsouth.com

Anthony Smith

Product Specialist – East Central Arkansas, Aerial Ag Product Technician
Cell: (501) 438-1720
Email: a.smith@vantage-midsouth.com

Dallas Smith

Flow Specialist
Cell: (870) 372-4444
Email: d.smith@vantage-midsouth.com

Repair & Installation

Jeff Crum

Technician-Repair and Installation
Cell: (501) 920-2397
Email: j.crum@vantage-midsouth.com

Carson East

Assistant Technician – Repair
Office: (870) 552-7681
Email: carson.east@vantage-midsouth.com

Cody Farnsworth

Technician – Repair and Installation
Cell: (501) 920-2572
Email: c.farnsworth@vantage-midsouth.com

Jeremy Hamilton

Service Manager
Cell: (501) 676-8169
Email: j.hamilton@vantage-midsouth.com

Erik Kohler

Specialist – Survey and Design
Cell: (870) 662-0496
Email: e.kohler@vantage-midsouth.com

Logan Moore

Technician – Repair and Installation
Cell: (870) 598-4969
Email: l.moore@vantage-midsouth.com

Beth Plafcan

Technician – Repair
Cell: (501) 438-5759
Email: b.plafcan@vantage-midsouth.com

Tanner Reagan

Technician – Repair and Installation
Cell: (870) 634-7707
Email: t.reagan@vantage-midsouth.com

Office Management

Amanda Tarter

Office: (870) 552-7681
Email: a.tarter@vantage-midsouth.com

Fever McElyea

Accounting Department
Phone: 870-552-7523
Email: f.mcelyea@vantage-midsouth.com

Marcia Wilburn

Administration – Piggott, AR
Phone: (870) 598-0357
Email: m.wilburn@vantage-midsouth.com

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